Please answer our survey on Happy Parenting

Please fill out the following questionnaires to provide your desire for information on fertility, pregnancy and/or parenting, thus enabling us to recommend and coordinate the appropriate program to support the need.

在遵守Google隱私權政策的情況下,從系統中收集和處理調查的個人數據時,我們非常重視保護您的私人領域並確保您的數據安全。從收集所得的個人資料只會用作與您本人聯絡,以提供有關懷孕及育兒的知識,以倡導芬蘭育兒風格的 “首1000 日” 致力達到 “每個寶寶都應該擁有快樂的年”的信念。
In compliance with Google’s privacy policy, when collecting and processing surveyed personal data in our system, we attach great importance to protecting your private domain and ensuring the security of your data. The personal data collected from you will only be used to contact you personally to provide knowledge about pregnancy and parenting, and to promote the Finnish parenting style of “First 1000 Days” to pursue “Every baby deserves a happy childhood.”