Progression & Nutrition from Breastfeeding to Baby Weaning – Workshop September 27, 2020 (In Cantonese)


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Hong Kong – September 27, 2020 4PM – 5PM Hong Kong time

Online Parenting Workshop:
“Progression & Nutrition from Breastfeeding to Baby Weaning”

  • 講解BB約6至36個月大期間極速成長及加固進程所需營養食物塔
    • Elaborate on the “Food Pyramid” for solid food and nutrition required during the hyper-growth development stages of a child from about 6 to 36 months old of age.
  • 引導媽咪如何從母乳餵兒次數及食量配合漸進式斷奶兼加固階段之同時並增強BB對食物敏感免疫力。
    • Offer guidance for breastfeeding moms on feeding frequency and intake to the baby to pursue gradual progression between breast milk and solid food with reinforcement to strengthen the child’s immunity to food allergies.
  • 分析傳統嬰兒加固和BLW分別及利弊。
    • Analyze the differences as well as pros and cons of Traditional Weaning and BLW.
  • 推薦辦法和經驗令爹哋/家人了解及配合BB加固方式的選擇。
    • Recommend ways and experiences that could help daddy and/or senior family member to understand baby weaning and to cooperate with mom and the choice for the choice taken.
  • 提供BLW加固漸進式食譜及健康烹飪技巧。
    • Provide advice in food choice and preparation with healthy cooking recipes for various stages through out the BLW progression.
  • 分享最有效方式及配套以增加BLW成效並減低浪費。
    • Share practical experiences in using cost effective tools and ways to expedite BLW success with minimal waste.
Key Speakers:
  • Ms. Michelle Lok – IBCLC Lactation Consultant
  • Ms. Nicole Wong (Rainy Baby BLW 專門店 加固育兒加油站)
  • Special Guest: Ms. Jaycee Siu (暴龍分享會 Jayston BB) @
  • The session will be held in Cantonese.
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